Permanent camouflage of dark circles

Permanent camouflage of dark circles
  • Dermopigmentation technique for permanent camouflage of dark circles
  • How long does it last? From 30min session all depends on individuals.
  • The material? The procedure is performed by means of a rotary machine certified medical.
  • The result? Excellent results see before and after pictures?
  • Products used? Permanent pigmentation.
  • Life span? A definitive duration.
  • Number of sessions 1 to 3

Conditions to be able to book a session:

  • Not have eczema. no hiv (aids). medical treatment if so what? Not pregnant.
  • Not to have cancer.
  • Have no problem with blood circulation.
  • Not to have any problem with scarring.
  • Not having a tumor.
  • Not having an allergy to cosmetics?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding contraindications before booking your appointment.

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