Nskins Treatment stretch marks

Nskins Stretch marks

The Nskins Stretch Mark Treatment is an innovative treatment with exceptional results never before seen in the world of aesthetics.

This advanced treatment helps reduce up to 95% of your white and red stretch marks for good! The process of this procedure is followed by the use of revolutionary products that help stimulate blood flow under the skin, it also prevents elasticity and increases metabolism. This is then followed by a suction technique that lifts the blood to the top layer of each stretch mark through the affected area. Helping to renew your skin, and thus reduce and heal the area by 90%.

The result is already visible after one session. The maximum number of sessions is 3 with care not more. Care creams are provided, which should be used regularly and correctly in the morning and evening, for a period of 15 days in order to obtain optimal results. Stretch marks can cause sagging and sometimes rupture of the collagen tissue. With this treatment, these are activated and strengthened. Say goodbye to your stretch marks girls.

Conditions to be able to book a session:

  • Not have eczema. no hiv (aids). medical treatment if so what? Not pregnant.
  • Not to have cancer.
  • Have no problem with blood circulation.
  • Not to have any problem with scarring.
  • Not having a tumor.
  • Not having an allergy to cosmetics?
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding contraindications before booking your appointment.
  • Duration of the session 1 to 3 hours depending on the area to be treated
Price 890 eur for 3 session per area
I reserve (deposit)